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Two Strong Heart Beats

~ Ashley Tabor reflects on her family ~ 

Jonathan and I started our little family over 14 years ago. After we started dating in high school, we knew very quickly we were each other’s person and got married at just 21 years old. We eloped quickly, but later celebrated with friends and family in a traditional ceremony.

While I’m fiery and quick to a reaction, Jonathan reserves and calculates his response with a mountain of patience. It’s a combination that has helped us support each other as we grow and change as a couple and individuals – from completing college, to buying our first home, to changing professions and trying for babies.

Jonathan and I️ are “that” couple that still gives kisses and say I️ love you every time we leave each other, we still give those googly eyes, we still hold hands all the time (well I️ tend to hold his finger), he still slaps my butt and we exchange many, many specials statements. For example, “You’re my favorite”, “you’re my person”, “I like you a lot”, “padiddle,” etc.

I like plans, structure, schedules. I’ve told Jonathan that since we met I wanted kids at 26. That was my plan and that’s what needed to happen. He acquiesced and we began our journey. I thought it would happen the first month, since my sister got pregnant right away, so, I should too. Those months kept on and Christmas passed without that positive test. Right before I was going to begin fertility, on January 5, 2013 I️ woke up sad and took a test. I was in shock. At 4 weeks 6 days, we were pregnant. At 5 weeks 4 days I was horribly sick. Finally at 8 weeks, our first ultrasound, Dr. T started laughing, there were two babies in there.

Two strong heart beats in two separate sacks. Twins, we were having twins.

Jonathan was beaming, but I was shocked and terrified. Two babies, and of course because I’m a planner, at 15 weeks we had our 3-D and found out we were having Finn Michael and Sadie Marie. These now four year olds have been the most amazing gift and challenge of our life and we wouldn’t change a thing.

Sadie came first and it’s easy to see. Little Mama, my biggest helper and most thoughtful heart. Her feelings live on her face and she HAS to be the best at everything. She’s funny, creative, so smart, she loves so deeply and we are so in love with her.

Finn is a jokester, inquisitive, mischievous, kind, remembers everything and is the most cuddly of cuddlers. He thinks deep thoughts and asks the hard questions. His love language is touch and he desperately loves his sister. Our sweet loving boy that we so desperately love.

They are both big, complex thinkers, understand what their emotions mean, curious, strong, courageous and confident in their ability to accomplish any goal. When these little twinsies were just 18 months old my husband supported me (even though he was terrified) in making a big change. He knew my heart was in my home with my babies. So, I left my job to start my Daycare business so that I️ could snuggle every morning and teach them everyday. And I’ve never looked back.

Molding these little humans and being privileged enough to help mold others little ones has been an amazing gift.

Our family dynamic is unique to us and we work hard to continue to work together and nurture each relationship so that we can grow together, teach our children that we are their greatest advocate until they can be their own. Our marriage is sacred and has to be worked at too. I’m excited as our little families legacy has only just begun.